Friday, September 7, 2012

Under The Needle

My quilt guild's annual retreat is always a wonderful time full of laughing, chatting and a little bit of sewing. This year I worked mainly on Christmas (my theme of the year). I finished one top and got a good start on a second.

Number one is under the needle.

A couple months ago a quilting friend, Pat Adair, recommended Sally Terry's technique from her book Hooked On Feathers. So I'm giving it a try. It's a little different take on creating the feathered look by using "hook" shapes. 
Sally also suggests feathering over the entire quilt top by first drawing one meandering spine across the entire top, coming back and making the spine a "ribbon", then stitching feathers all the way along one side, then all the way along the other side...over the entire quilt top. A little scary.
The trickiest part for me was drawing that spine...whew! I'm used to just "following my inner voice" along the quilt top. It takes some thinking and planning to draw a spine and not box myself into a corner or make a space too large to fill. 
But, so far...ok :-)

Have a great day!


  1. Can't wait to see it. I'd love to take a peek at the book sometime.

  2. How interesting. Thanks for sharing.